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Growing Startups and Investors

Since its inception in 2013, ArcAngels has remained steadfast in its purpose: to increase investment in women-led ventures throughout Aotearoa. Our mission has been twofold - supporting women entrepreneurs while enticing new investors to participate in this sector.


Fast forward almost a decade, and we continue to actively assist women founders with vital financial investment and comprehensive support. Our efforts have succeeded in bolstering the pool of investors and funds available, igniting the growth and development of our women entrepreneurs. Moreover, we have proudly mobilized an increasing number of women to directly engage with the investment category, further propelling progress. However, the job isn’t done yet.


In 2020 ArcAngels and Icehouse Ventures launch a fund (managed by Icehouse Ventures) to further increase investments into women-led ventures in Aotearoa. ArcAngels Fund I ultimately invested just over $2.7m into 33 companies. In 2022, $10m was raised for ArcAngels Fund II with Theresa Gattung as the cornerstone investor.


The companies we've ultimately supported through the network and fund span a broad range of industries, problems, and stages. Yet, despite these differences, they all share a common trait: they are all led by passionate and inspiring women.


Arc Angels Investors


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Our People


Founder, Bridget Coates


Investment Lead, Bex Gidall

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Board Chair, Kirsty Campbell

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