In 2019 ArcAngels established New Zealand’s first start-up fund for female founders, immediately increasing the pool of capital available to these entrepreneurs.


Globally, only 2% of venture capital funding goes to female founder ventures.


(Fortune 2018)

Why a Fund?

For investors who want to support the ArcAngels mission but don’t have the time to consider individual investment opportunities the fund is practical.

It also provides instant diversification, without having to actively building your own diversified portfolio.

And it’s a good entry point for investors in other asset classes who want to explore start-up opportunities.

How does it work?

ArcAngelsFund will invest in up to 20 early-stage privately-held female-led New Zealand start-ups.


The fund invests passively alongside lead investors who have led DD, set terms etc


Sue De Bievre, CEO & Founder of Beany

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