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In 2019 ArcAngels established New Zealand’s first start-up fund for female founders. More than 75 investors supported the ArcAngels fund and we surpassed our $2M target by $500k in October 2020. This fund is closed and we are now actively investing to help female entrepreneurs capable of delivering good returns for investors. We will launch further ArcAngels funds as the market requires it.

Many of our investors were no doubt inspired by similar successful funds overseas. The New York City headquartered Golden Seeds has been supporting female founders for more than 14 years and Female Founders Fund began in 2014.

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We at K1W1 love to support New Zealand entrepreneurs of all gender and ethnic persuasions. Recently 30% of our investments have supported women Entrepreneurs. We see this trend continuing with the introduction of the ArcAngels Fund which we are delighted to support financially and in other ways.


Sir Stephen Tindall

Philanthropist and Founder K1W1 Ltd


I want to support and encourage female entrepreneurship as I believe women have the ability to solve problems with innovative ideas. I’ve seen this in action often, as women turn obstacles into opportunities. This deserves our attention and support, which is why I’ve invested in the ArcAngels fund.

Ranjna Patel

Fund Investor

These companies are the fund’s first 6 investments


Why a fund ?


How does the fund work ?

Investment process

ArcAngels Fund investment is managed through Icehouse Ventures Nominee. Investment decisions are made by the Manager of the Fund - Icehouse Ventures – but the Manager neither leads due diligence/ investment negotiations nor takes active roles post investment.

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