Entrepreneurs are at the core of building a vibrant and innovative New Zealand economy and ArcAngels is committed to supporting them. ​ We invest in early to emerging ventures and we focus on for-profit organisations with these qualities:

  • Female co-founder or female leadership

  • Large and growing markets

  • Breakthrough technology & IP

  • Strong team

  • Capital efficiency

  • Defendable competitive advantage

  • Lead Investors that can add value

  • Prospective acquirer value and exit strategy


Please contact us if you are interested in presenting at one of our monthly ArcAngels Network meeting.

Brooke Roberts & Sonya Williams, Co-Founders of Sharesies

Blogs for entrepreneurs

Women on Business

Founded by Susan Gunelius – Women on Business provides content specifically developed for female entrepreneurs. The site has become a key resource for the female entrepreneurs of the world - covering everything from management and leadership to marketing and online sales. 

Venture Hacks

Founded by Nivi Babak and Naval Ravikant –Venture Hacks is a very simplistic blog that offers great advice for new startups.

Young Women Entrepreneurs Club

Young Women Entrepreneurs wants to help women live fulfilling lives while being successful entrepreneurs. It connects women across the globe and helps them make an action plan of their business by sparking inspiration.

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The ABCs of pitching investors

5 tips for pitching your startup to investors

Pitch deck examples

How to pitch - Video

NZ Accelerators 

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