Entrepreneurs are at the core of building a vibrant and innovative New Zealand economy. ArcAngels aim to empower women entrepreneurs and their early stage businesses, strengthen their competitiveness and maximise the success of New Zealand’s small business engine for greater economic growth in the long term.

ArcAngels focuses on for-profit organisations with a woman founder or leader in an executive management position, located in New Zealand. There may also be instances where an organisation will be considered if founded by or led by a diverse management team. The organisation will have a scalable product or service, proven customer base – albeit small – and a validated business model. While the prospect of being an export capable business is attractive, also important is an advantage over the competition – be it expertise and experience of management, deep capability of the team or intellectual property.

Please contact us if you are interested in presenting at one of our monthly ArcAngels Network meeting.

Blogs for entrepreneurs

Women on Business

Founded by Susan Gunelius – Women on Business provides content specifically developed for female entrepreneurs. The site has become a key resource for the female entrepreneurs of the world - covering everything from management and leadership to marketing and online sales. 

Venture Hacks

Founded by Nivi Babak and Naval Ravikant –Venture Hacks is a very simplistic blog that offers great advice for new startups.

Young Women Entrepreneurs Club

Young Women Entrepreneurs wants to help women live fulfilling lives while being successful entrepreneurs. It connects women across the globe and helps them make an action plan of their business by sparking inspiration.

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The ABCs of pitching investors

5 tips for pitching your startup to investors

Pitch deck examples

How to pitch - Video

NZ Accelerators 


Burn rate - the rate at which a new company spends its initial capital.

Churn rate - the annual percentage rate at which customers stop subscribing to a service.

Dilution - reduction in the ownership percentage of a share of stock caused by the issuance of new shares.

Ordinary Shares - shares which have a lower priority for company assets and only receive dividends at the discretion of the corporation’s management.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) - the income that a company can reliably anticipate every 30 days.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product from customers.

Preferred Shares - shares which have the advantage of a higher priority claim to the assets of a corporation in case of insolvency and entitles the holder to a fixed dividend.

Pre-money Valuation - The company’s value immediately before funding. If post-money valuation = $2.5M and the company raised $500K, then the pre-money valuation = $2M.

Post-money Valuation - The company’s value immediately after funding. If pre-money valuation = $2M and the company raises $500K, then the post-money valuation = $2.5M.

Term Sheet - a document outlining the material terms and conditions of a deal. Once the parties agree, more detailed legal documents are drafted consistent with the terms laid out in the terms sheet.

Vesting - A process in which an employee or founder earns stock over time. In essence, vesting protects founders from each other and aligns incentives so everybody focuses towards building a successful company. A typical vesting period might be 3 - 4 years, which would mean they would earn 25% of their stock each year over a 4 year period. If they leave early, the unvested portion returns back to the company.

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