ArcAngels is a network of investors that share a common interest in investing in women-led businesses. Our investors hail from a diverse range of backgrounds; from serial entrepreneurs and active professionals, to high net worth individuals with family offices - all share a motivation to mentor entrepreneurs, to give back to the business community and to invest in female leaders. 

The Role of an Angel Investor

‘Angel’ investors are worthy of their name because they give money as well as advice, knowledge and experience to help start-up businesses to grow. As an angel investor, the financial commitment is just one piece of the pie. Often the angel investor is actively involved in the business. The angel may serve on the advisory board, help with customer and partner connections, provide advice on building robust management and spearhead capital raising strategy for further growth.

Building Excellence in Investment

Building the knowledge of its investors is core to ArcAngels’ offering to its members. Both seasoned and new, our members will have the opportunity to learn from the global investment community, share their expertise and challenge their thinking. For the new investor we’ll also use a model that provides a hands-on approach to learning investing and create opportunities to observe the investing process and meet with seasoned investors and experts.

ArcAngels is fortunate to have a close relationship with women-led angel group, Golden Seeds, one of the leading success stories in angel investment in the U.S currently. This creates useful international linkages and a regular flow of benchmark data and educational materials for ArcAngels members.

Facilitating Investments

Members of ArcAngels are given the opportunity to work closely on diverse and interesting deals and invest in entrepreneurs and their businesses across all sectors. ArcAngels focus on for-profit organisations with a woman founder or leader or a women in an executive position, located in New Zealand. To ensure a diverse and high quality set of companies, the ArcAngels investment process typically involves:

  1. Screening Meeting to meet the entrepreneur and company

  2. Company presentation at a Member Meeting

  3. Deep Dive Meeting with the entrepreneur before formally structuring a Deal Team

  4. Formation of a Deal Team for due diligence

  5. Making the investment

  6. Monitoring the investment

  7. Exit/IPO/wound up.

Become a member

To join ArcAngels, you will need to ensure that you are able to fulfil the ArcAngels' annual investment and activity requirements. 

Prospective members are invited to attend an ArcAngels meeting or educational session as guests before joining. Observing a meeting is a great opportunity to learn about ArcAngels and our investment process. If you are interested in attending a meeting and/or applying for membership, please email

Membership Benefits

  • Access to women-led companies across a wide range of sectors,

  • Quarterly meetings at which startups pitch their business

  • Educational sessions and forums on relevant angel topics

  • The opportunity to grow your personal and professional network

  • The opportunity to work with other members on due diligence teams



How do I know if I am an eligible investor?

You must meet the definition of a Wholesale Investor as defined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMCA), in clause 3, Schedule 1. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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