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Investing, nurturing and growing

Our investors come from an expansive array of backgrounds that defy simple categorization based on age, gender, or work experience. Nevertheless, they are united by a profound generosity of spirit and a collective determination to foster the growth of our startups.


With open hearts and a genuine willingness to share advice, knowledge, and their own experiences, they play an instrumental role in cultivating the next generation of category-defining businesses.


Advising, connecting and mentoring

Financial commitment is only one piece of the puzzle. ArcAngels investors are often actively involved in helping a startup succeed by providing valuable experience, connections, and sound advice, typically through a board position or mentorship role.


Giving back
and learning

ArcAngels investors - regardless of their background as successful entrepreneurs, active professionals, or high-net-worth individuals - all share a genuine interest in fostering women-led ventures and leaders. They are committed to giving back to the startup community, while also embracing the opportunity to learn from young businesses in emerging industries.

What to expect

The ArcAngels network is designed to enable passionate investors to collaboratively identify, review, invest in, and support high-potential women-led ventures.


ArcAngels’ activities are focused on delivering high-quality and unique deal flow and enrichening our members' capability as investors through a variety of events and communications throughout the year. This includes:


  • Investment evenings hosting presentations by women-led ventures pitching for investment.

  • Workshops, lunches & dinners with successful entrepreneurs, prolific international angel investors, and international VCs.

  • Due diligence deep-dive sessions designed to develop members’ due diligence capability, accelerate the investment process, and enable high-quality engagement with founders.

  • Large-scale investment evenings (Demo Day and Showcase) with pitches from up to 10 startups pitching for investment.

Membership fees are $500+GST per annum.


Delivering greater returns

In 2018, a Boston Consulting study highlighted the advantage of investing in women founders:


  • Ventures that have at least one woman founder demonstrate an impressive 35% higher return on investment (ROI).

  • Women-led ventures outperform their male-led counterparts by generating 78 cents in revenue for every dollar raised, as opposed to the 31 cents generated by male-led startups.

  • Over a span of five years, women-led ventures generate an impressive 10% more revenue compared to male-led startups.


In short, women founders achieve more with less capital and deliver superior returns. Data like this, coupled with the desire to give back and learn from the women founders in our network, is the motivation for many ArcAngels investors.


Thank goodness for entrepreneurs! They are our ambitious problem solvers and in today’s world we need them more than ever. But no one creates success on their own. To make a truly exponential difference all our startups need connections - to sales channel partners, aligned investors, expertise and experience. And this is why angel networks rock!


Director Angel Association

Suse Reynolds

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