Why join us?

Our members join to help New Zealand’s female-led start-ups flourish locally and internationally. And to gain access to early-stage investment opportunities in diverse, exciting sectors. But they stay because of the unexpected fun and stimulation that comes from engaging with other members, meeting creative entrepreneurs and diving into the new economy.

Learn, invest and engage

As a member you’ll build investment expertise in a unique sector. You’ll get insights from fellow investors and entrepreneurs. And you’ll see new approaches to problems and different ways of thinking.

There will be unique investment opportunities through exposure to a constant deal flow. But also the opportunity to give back – sharing your own business and category expertise, providing input and mentorship to a new generation of female entrepreneurs. 


How do I join ArcAngels?

If you’re interested in joining, you’re welcome to attend an ArcAngels meeting or educational session as our guest. Observing a meeting will help you learn about ArcAngels, our members and our investment process. 


If you are interested in doing this please email: admin@arcangels.co.nz

To be an active investor through ArcAngels you will need to meet the wholesale investor criteria.

Wholesaler Investor Criteria >

Lauren Fong

ArcAngels Manager Icehouse Ventures

Annika Bennett

ArcAngels member


ArcAngels offers a stimulating platform in which to invest, to learn new skills, and to support what I really care about. I am constantly astounded by the drive and vision of the entrepreneurs who present to us and I have enormous admiration for the expertise ArcAngel members offer in return.

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