Meet our entrepreneurs 

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Rebecca Page & Janine Manning

Co-founders Rebecca Page

Turning the sewing market inside-out

Rebecca is a great example of someone turning their hobby into a thriving business. Co-founder Janine Manning complements Rebecca’s skills with significant start-up experience and together these two are truly disrupting the global sewing industry, one stitch at a time.


As a keen sewer, Rebecca started drafting her own patterns after she was disillusioned with the traditional store-bought offering. Now her easy-to-sew patterns, with a focus on excellent fit, are just one part of a growing online business. Fabrics and online sewing and craft education also generate significant revenue and there’s a bold vision for an online marketplace to connect buyers and makers of clothing.


With followers tracking towards 1 million by the end of 2020, a highly active Facebook community, 300 brand ambassadors and 44 contributing educators, the ecosystem helps engage and retain customers in a unique way.

“Delivering more and more to our wonderful creative community is what gets me up in the morning. And knowing that we’re all contributing to a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.”        

- Rebecca Page

Janine, who has significant start-up experience, also recognises there’s something quite unique about the business.


“With a female-centric target market, a female board, all female employees and over half the investors female, we definitely don’t fit the start-up mould. As a result I think we approach things a little differently.”

-  Janine Manning

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Anne Fulton and Jo Mills

Co-founders Fuel 50

Sailing to success

When Anne Fulton talks about wanting her company to be like an America’s Cup boat she’s not joking.

“We want to emerge from this Covid epidemic in full sail, up on the foils and flying ahead, powered by the grit and graft of Olympian athletes.”

If Fuel 50’s success to date is anything to go by, she and business partner Jo Mills will get their dream. In just 7 years they’ve turned their career-assessment business into a global HR tech company operating across 65 countries with Annual revenue of $7million. Anne is rightly proud that their impressive reach means they’re now touching the careers of nearly a million people.

This is the result of successfully navigating the changing needs of both employers and staff. Organisations increasingly demand an agile talent pool, able to change tack quickly without losing pace. And today’s employees need opportunities to grow and reskill for an unpredictable future. Fuel 50’s technology cleverly connects people to opportunities within their own organisation - be that mentors, projects, training opportunities or vacancies – identified as key to their career journey.

“Our AI technology is a cross between Tinder for talent and Uber for a career roadmap. And it works!”

The very real benefit of increasing and holding on to talent needs little explanation, which is why Fuel 50 can count blue chip companies such as Hewlett-Packard , CVS Health, Verizon and Mattel amongst their clients. Despite this success they retain their kiwi humility, always showing appreciation for the role of the early investors.

“Being able to still have conversations with our investor community and leverage their expertise is invaluable.”

Nor have they become complacent. Rather Fuel 50 are all the more motivated as they now steer the boat towards opportunities awaiting in Europe.

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