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Female co/founded businesses perform better, generating


more revenue over a 5 year period


Flourishing despite the challenges

All entrepreneurs face challenges. But for female entrepreneurs this typically starts with raising funds, when the odds can seem stacked against them.

ArcAngels wants to help female founders by easing the funding issues they often face. But beyond that, we want investors to recognise this is an under-invested sector that represents huge potential.



ArcAngel investors are passionate about helping New Zealand women entrepreneurs succeed and compete on the world stage. That’s why we help address the challenges they face right from the start, raising capital.

Cecilia Tarrant

Chair ArcAngels 

An under-invested sector

Although 1 in 3 business owners in NZ is female (MasterCard Index 2019) only 18% of angel investment goes to female founders and co-founders (AANZ 2018).

This reflects the low representation of women in the angel investment community – around 18% of early stage investors in NZ (AANZ 2018). There’s also some evidence of unwitting bias in the pitch process.  Whatever’s driving it, the net effect is that investors are missing potentially lucrative opportunities.

Delivering greater returns

A Boston Consulting study in 2018 highlighted why female entrepreneurs are a good investment. They do more with less cash and deliver greater returns:

  • Ventures with at least 1 female founder generate 35% higher ROI

  • For every $ raised, female-run startups generate 78 cents in revenue c.f 31cents for male-run

  • Female co/founded businesses perform better, generating 10% more revenue over a 5 year period


Data like this, coupled with the passion and talent of our own female founders, is the motivation for many ArcAngels Investors.

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Sarah Ramsay

ArcAngels Fund Investor


It’s lonely being a female founder! I know from experience. But now I’m on the other side and I love the idea of providing a hand up to the mighty women who are next beating that path. Call me a feminist if you will, but until the scores are even, I believe investment channels like ArcAngels are essential to level the playing field.