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Support for Aotearoa's Women Founders 

ArcAngels is a place where Aotearoa's women founders - no matter the stage of their startup journey - can come for community, resources, mentoring, events, and when ready, the opportunity to pitch for investment.


Whether it's to learn, pitch, or just stay up to date, join a community of women founders who are passionate about building disruptive, purpose-driven startups.



Empower your startup with the essential resources for investment readiness and connect with a dynamic, supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Experience a blend of interactive in-person and online events to enrich your journey.

Mentoring and support


ArcAngels investors play a pivotal role in mentoring and supporting the founders within our community. Whether this is just through casual mentoring or taking on a dedicated board position, ArcAngels investors can providing valuable experience, connections, and sound advice.



To build an iconic, category-defining startup, you need investment.


ArcAngels is the platform that makes that happen, connecting you with the right investors for you and your startup.


Over the past 6 years, we've raised funds from investors across the globe. A vital lesson we learned was the importance of partnering with those who are supportive and aligned with your purpose – and that's exactly what the ArcAngels network offers.


Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Sharesies

Brooke Roberts

Startups we've supported

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