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Connecting investors with women entrepreneurs

ArcAngels is an investment network with the simple mission to make investment opportunities more equitable for women entrepreneurs.

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Why ArcAngels?

Aotearoa’s women-led ventures have the potential to be category-defining. However, globally, women founders face challenges raising capital, despite proven success factors. ArcAngels exists to ensure our women entrepreneurs can succeed.


We connect entrepreneurs with investors so both benefit from the huge talent and opportunity behind these businesses.

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Less than


of Angel investment goes
to women founders

The ArcAngels Network

Established in 2013, we are a network of Angel investors based around Aotearoa and overseas who want to support women entrepreneurs.


To date, ArcAngels members and the ArcAngels Fund (in partnership with Icehouse Ventures) have deployed over $8m into more than 50 women-led ventures.

Who do we support?

We support Kiwi startups with at least one founder who identifies as a woman. We are stage and industry-agnostic, and cheque sizes can vary anywhere from $10k to $500k.


We’re proud to have supported women-led ventures such as Sharesies, Hnry, Fuel50, ArchiPro, and many more.


We have everything we need when we stand together. It's still harder for women to raise capital than it is for men. If women don't support other women, we can't expect men to. That's why I choose to support women entrepreneurs with my energy and my investment dollars.


Chair, Global Women

Theresa Gattung

Startups we've supported

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